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Achieve financial freedom, understand money management and thrive financially.

1. Overrated Life Goals

Explores commonly held life goals that may not contribute to long-term financial well-being or happiness. Participants learn to identify and prioritize goals that align with financial stability and personal fulfillment. Outcomes: Greater clarity on setting realistic and meaningful financial goals, leading to better long-term planning and satisfaction.

2. Cognitive Distortion

Examines how cognitive distortions—irrational thought patterns—can negatively impact financial decisions. Participants learn to recognize and correct these distortions. Outcomes: Improved financial decision-making through enhanced self-awareness and rational thinking.

3. Things I Have Learned

Shares valuable lessons and insights from financial experts and successful individuals about managing money and achieving financial goals. Outcomes: Practical wisdom and strategies for improving financial habits and achieving financial success.

4. Building New Habits Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Focuses on the science of habit formation and provides techniques for establishing new, positive financial habits. Outcomes: Ability to create and maintain beneficial financial habits that support long-term financial health.

5. Bad Habits We Need to Break

Identifies common bad financial habits and offers strategies for breaking them. Participants learn how to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. Outcomes: Reduction of harmful financial behaviors and adoption of practices that enhance financial well-being.

6. Ways in Which You Are Ruining Your Life

Highlights behaviors and mindsets that can lead to financial ruin and provides strategies to avoid or change these patterns. Outcomes: Increased awareness of self-destructive financial behaviors and actionable steps to avoid financial pitfalls.

7. Doing Well and Flourishing

Focuses on the principles of thriving financially, not just surviving. Participants learn how to build wealth, manage risk, and create a secure financial future. Outcomes: Enhanced ability to build and sustain financial prosperity, leading to long-term financial security and success.

8. Get Better with Money

Provides comprehensive strategies for improving money management skills, including budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management. Outcomes: Improved financial literacy and practical skills for managing money effectively, leading to greater financial freedom and stability.

Course Outcomes

By completing these modules, participants will achieve financial freedom, understand money management, and thrive financially. The course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to set realistic financial goals, develop positive financial habits, make informed financial decisions, and avoid common financial pitfalls. Ultimately, participants will be empowered to build a secure and prosperous financial future.