• Advanced Character-Based Leadership • Blind spots • Business by The Book: Purpose, Ownership, Finance and Integrity • Components of A Dynamic Team • Components of A High-Performance Team • Conflict Intelligence and Negotiation • Corporate viruses • Dealing with Disappointments • Detoxifying your workplace • EQ Heartbeat Questioning • Facilitating Perpetual Change • Finish with your Calling in Life • From Struggles, Tot Survival to Success and Finally Significance • Global Position System Versus God’s Positioning System • Halftime • High Impact Coaching • How to Manage Upwards • Managerial Derailment • Married and Parents for Life • Mind Shifts Needed: Performance Versus Moral Character • Money and Marriage God’s Way • Optimising Emotional Intelligence • Poverty, Prosperity and Stewardship • Professional Workplace Bullying • Real Time Fine Tuning • Red Flags • Renewing your Mind • Resilience • S.E.R.V.E. Leadership • Seven Courageous Authentic Workplace Conversations • Signs of Leaders in Trouble • Six Principles from The Greatest Leader of All Times • Sound Governance and Ethical Leadership • Spiritual Cataracts and Infertility • Take Up Your Role Towards Engagement: Disappointment, Discouragement, Distance, Disconnect, Discord Towards Disengagement • The C3 Concept: Character Plus Your Competency Will Give You Consistency • The Two Economies of The World: MBA Versus KBA • Thirteen Elements of Building Trust • Understanding your Unique Godly Design • Verbal Abuse • Wealth Transfer versus Wisdom Transfer • Work Holism: From Victim, Tot Spectator, To Workaholic Towards Fulfilment UNIQUE BUSINESS TALKS A deeper perspective