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Corporate Governance and Character in Nigeria: Transformative Feedback

At the recent Corporate Governance and Character Workshop held in Kaduna, Nigeria, the transformative impact on participants was evident. Here’s what some of the delegates had to say about the workshop:

  • 1. Adams Quincy Gamba, Kaduna State Development and Property Company: “The organization of this workshop is commendable. It is my prayer that this opportunity be extended to most chief executives of parastatals, making it mandatory as some of them lack leadership qualities resulting in the folding up of governmental agencies by personalizing the activities of government.”
  • 2. M.S. Mohammed: “Strong Message Consultants, honestly you’re the best among the twelve workshops I attended. Yes, you can! Keep moving and also advise the permanent secretary of establishments to conduct a workshop for executive officers on grade level 10-13. Thanks so much.”
  • 3. Bello A. Hamza: “In fact, ever in my lifetime, this is the best workshop I attended. Mr. Mario and Mr. Henry Gwani have done a good and clear message for changing attitude. We need to have more with you for organizing another lectures/workshop next time. Thanks.”
  • 4. Anonymous Feedback: “It was thought-provoking. It was down to earth. It was timely. There is the need to cover a wider spectrum of our society. The slides should have formed part of the package of the conference. The challenges are enormous.”
  • 5. Douglas Haruna Mallam, Bureau for Establishments, Kaduna: “From day one of this workshop to the last, there has never been a dull moment with Dr. Mario facilitating.”
  • 6. Anche I. M.: “This workshop has been highly educative and participants are now positioned to make remarkable changes in the services we render to the development of our dear state. However, I would have loved that the duration of the workshop be extended. With our changed character, ‘Yes we can,’ and ‘Stop it.'”
  • 7. Suleiman Yahaya, Ministry of Works and Transport, Kaduna: “The program is very interesting and I look forward to more of it. I strongly suggest that this training be given to members of the house (policy and law makers), permanent secretaries, and commissioners in the state for better service delivery.”
  • 8. Abdullahi M. A., Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Kaduna State: “The workshop is highly a morale booster. I appreciate the opportunity and privilege given to me to participate. I’ll recommend the consultants to the Kaduna State government for further training outside the country.”

These testimonials highlight the critical role of character and corporate governance in enhancing leadership qualities and operational effectiveness within organizations. The workshop’s success underscores the urgent need for such training programs to be implemented more broadly across various sectors.

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